B Names and Places

Evottes Barthes (or Evotte Barthol), wife of Henri Louys
Claude Bauderot (1500s), wife of Jean Louys
Lily Barber (Barbier?), wife of Mr. Woodward
Catherine Barbier (d. 1761), wife (1741) of Pierre Louys (1708-1764)
Catherine Barbier, wife (1768) of Jean-Georges Louys (1739 or 1742-1775)
Charlotte Barbier, wife (1781) of Jean-Georges Louys (1757-1795)
Madeleine Barbier, wife (1704) of Daniel Louys (d. 1710) [She remarried in 1721.]
Marguerite Barbier (d. 1694), second wife (1655) of Henri Louys
Pauline Barbier (d. 1872), wife (1871) of Ulysse Louys (1844-1878)
Suzanne Barbier (1674-?), wife of Georges Mettetal (1673-1701)
Priscilla Bateman (1687-1730), wife of Thomas Gould (1683-1752)
Marie Bernard, wife (1823) of Jean Louys
Alferetta Besançon
Alice Besançon (1865-1945), wife of Victor Wickey
Alice Besançon, wife of Mr. Shook
Amelia Besançon, wife of Peter Gentit
Avis Besançon
Blanche Besançon, wife of Mr. Martin [No children.]
Charles Peter Besançon (1835-1918), husband of Clementine Louys (1843-1931)
Charles Besançon
David Besançon
Dometil Besançon, wife of Will Henry
Dwane Besançon
Earl Besançon
Eliza Besançon, wife of Mr. Barber (Barbier?)
Ella Clementine "Clem" Besançon (1921-1995), wife of Richard Carrol Hill (1917-1972)
Emma Besançon, wife of Mr. Peugeot
Eunice Besançon (b. 1873)
Fannie Besançon (1870-1923)
Florence Besançon (wife of Emile Louys)
Fred Besançon
Fred Besançon ["May have lived in Chicago, Illinois," according to Lena (née Grisier) Besançon.]
Fred Besançon, father of Avis Besançon
George Besançon
Harmon Besançon (1863-1940)
Harry Charles Besançon (1918-1994), husband of Sadie Katherine "Kay" Unrue
Ira Besançon
Lydia Besançon (1868-1946)
Myrtie Besançon
Paul Napoleon Besançon (1870-1951), husband of Lena Susan Grisier (1890-1968)
Paul Frederick Besançon (1923-2012), husband of Betty Ruth Sims
Peter Besançon (1807-1895)
Richard Besançon ( 1926-2014), husband of Vannye Kathryn Whitley
Robert Besançon (1926-2004), husband of Gladys Ison
Silas Besançon
Sylvia "Beeb" Besançon ["Lived at Pulaski, no children," according to Lena (née Grisier) Besançon.]
Timothy Besançon (1877-1955), husband of Marthe Emilie Louys (1875-1956)
William Peter Besançon (1924 -2014), husband of Violet Cecil (1932-1983)
Marguerite de Bermont de Bussurel (1645-1705), wife (1667) of Jean-Rolland Louys (1642-1723)
Marguerite Beucler, wife (1821) of Pierre-Charles Louys
Catherine Boillot (1675-1750), wife (1702) of Jean Louys (1679-1725)
Catherine Bourquin (1808-1863), wife of Jean-Georges Louys
Catherine Bourquin, wife of Pierre Louys
Catarina Brucher (1678-1749)
Marianito Buno