Harry Charles Besançon (1918-1994)

Colonel Harry Charles Besançon (1918-1994)

Harry Charles Besançon was born in Stryker, Williams County, Ohio, U.S.A., on March 3, 1918. He was the oldest child of Paul Napoleon Besançon (1870-1951) and Lena Susan Grisier (1890-1968).

Harry graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1941. He served the U.S. Army with distinction for 28 years, retiring in 1969 at the rank of colonel.

In civilian life, Harry Besançon worked as an engineer and businessman. His West Point memorial biography, available here, gives an overview of his accomplishments.

Harry married Sadie Katherine "Kay" Unrue. The couple had two sons and a daughter.

Harry died on November 10, 1994, in Brunswick County, South Carolina. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Date of birth: March 3, 1918
Place of birth: Stryker, Williams County, Ohio, United States of America
Mother: Lena Susan Grisier (1890-1968)
Father: Paul Napoleon Besançon (1870-1951)
Spouse: Sadie Katherine "Kay" Unrue
Children: Marie Besançon (LIVING), Michael Besançon (LIVING), and Charles Besançon (LIVING)
Date of death: November 10, 1994
Place of death: Brunswick County, South Carolina, United States of America
Place of burial:Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia 22211, United States of America
Harry Besançon was the older brother of my late grandmother, "Clem" Hill. She often told me stories about her amazing sibling. According to her, Harry was always hard-working and responsible. During the Depression, to help support his family, he set up muskrat traps. Every morning before dawn, Harry would clean out the traps and skin the muskrats. He'd sell the pelts on his way to school. Under pain of death, we were in no way to do anything to embarrass mémé when Uncle Harry visited, nor to bother him.
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Harry Charles Besançon (1918-1994)
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Lena Susan Grisier (1890-1968)
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