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Paul Napoléon Besançon (1870-1951)
BIRTH: 16 November 1870; Williams County, Ohio, U.S.A.

DEATH: 27 November 1951 (aged 81); Ohio, U.S.A.

BURIAL: French Cemetery, Springfield Township, Williams County, Ohio, U.S.A.

SPOUSE: Lena Susan Grisier (1890-1968)
Paul Napoléon Besançon was born on November 2, 1870, in Stryker, Williams County, Ohio, U.S.A. He was the son of Charles Peter Besancon (1835-1918) and Clementine Louys (1843-1931).

After touring the country in his younger years as a baseball player in the minor leagues, he settled down to farm in Stryker.

Paul married Lena Susan Grisier (born in Kansas but with relatives in Williams County) in 1917. The couple had seven children:
  • Harry Charles Besançon (1918-1994)
  • Maizy Besançon (1921; possibly the stillborn twin sister of Clem)
  • Ella Clementine "Clem" Besançon (1921-1995)
  • Paul Frederick Besançon (1923-2012)
  • William Peter Besançon (1924-2014)
  • Richard "Dick" Besançon (1926-2014)
  • Robert "Bob" Besançon (1926-2004)
Paul Napoleon Besançon died in 1951. He is buried in the French Cemetery along County Road 1950, just outside of Stryker, Ohio.
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Jean Pierre "Peter" Besançon (1807-1895)
Susanne Donzé (1799-1871)
Paul Napoléon Besançon (1870-1951)
Maternal Grandfather
Clementine Louÿs (
Maternal Grandmother
Killough Family Tree Database - Paul Napoléon Besançon appears to be linked to this family via the marriage of his son, Paul Frederick Besançon (1924, Stryker, Ohio-2012, Houma, Louisiana), to Betty Ruth Sims (circa 1925, Texas-2004, Louisiana).
Find a Grave - This site has images of his burial place at the French Cemetery outside of Stryker, Ohio. Unfortunately, (as of 14 January 2024), this site misspells his middle name as "Napolean."