Anna Coburn (1776-1835)
Date of birth: 1776
Place of birth: what is now Chittenden, Rutland County, Vermont, United States of America
Mother: UNKNOWN Johnson
Father: John Alexander Coburn
Spouse: Jeremiah H. Rockwell (1781-1859)
Children: Alexander Coburn Rockwell (1805-1900), Parish Villers Rockwell (1806-1880), Milo S. Rockwell (1808-1884), and James Munroe Rockwell (1817-1893).
Date of death: 11 March 1835
Place of death: Holmes County, Ohio, United States of America
Place of burial: UNKNOWN
Paternal Grandfather UNKNOWN
John Alexander Coburn (Unknown-Unknown)
Paternal Grandmother UNKNOWN
Anna Coburn (1776-1835)
Maternal Grandfather UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN Johnson (Unknown-Unknown)
Maternal Grandmother UNKNOWN
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