Clovis I (c. 465-c. 511 C.E.)


Clovis I is considered to have been the first king of France. He successfully united the Frankish tribes. The Merovingian dynasty, formed under Clovis, ruled France for two centuries. The name "Clovis" comes from the Germanic words for "fame" and "combat," and is the origin of the more modern name "Louis." He married Clotilde, better known to history as Saint Clotilde.

Clovis and Clotilde's children were:

  1. Ingomer (who died young)
  2. Chlodomer (495–524), King of the Franks at Orléans from 511
  3. Childebert I (496–558), King of the Franks at Paris from 511
  4. Chlothar I (497–561), King of the Franks at Soissons from 511, King of all Franks from 558
  5. Clotilde (died 531), married Amalaric, King of the Visigoths

Clovis also had one notable son from either an earlier marriage or a concubine (monogamy was not an established concept during the Dark Ages), Theuderic I (c. 485 – 533/4 C.E.).

I include Clovis I because mémé swore to me that we were the "direct descendants" of Clovis I and Clotilde. So far, my research has not proved mémé right. But, in mémé's defense, the research has yet to prove her wrong.

Merovech (?-453/457 C.E.)
Childeric I (c. 440-481/482 C.E.)
Paternal Grandmother?
Clovis I (c. 465-c. 511 C.E.)
Basin, King of Thuringia
Basina of Thuringia (c. 438-477 C.E.)
Basina, Princess of Saxony