Saint Clotilde (475-544)


Saint Clotilde (or Clothilde) was the second wife of the Frankish king Clovis I, and a princess of the Kingdom of Burgundy, daughter of Chilperic II of Burgundy. She was born in 475 C.E., in Lyon, in what is now France. Saint Clotilde died on June 3, 544 C.E., in Tours, France. She was the wife of Clovis I, who is considered to have been the first king of France.

Clotilde is recognized as a saint largely by virtue of her work to Christianize France.

Clovis and Clotilde's children were:

  1. Ingomer (who died young)
  2. Chlodomer (495–524), King of the Franks at Orléans from 511
  3. Childebert I (496–558), King of the Franks at Paris from 511
  4. Chlothar I (497–561), King of the Franks at Soissons from 511, King of all Franks from 558
  5. Clotilde (died 531), married Amalaric, King of the Visigoths
I include Clotilde because mémé swore to me that we were the "direct descendants" of Clovis I and Clotilde. So far, my research has not proved mémé right. But, in mémé's defense, the research has yet to prove her wrong.
Gondioc (?-473 C.E.)
Chilperic II of Burgundy (c. 450-493 C.E.)
Paternal Grandmother?
Saint Clotilde (475-544)
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Maternal Grandmother?