David Dickinson (1734-1825)
Date of birth: 1734
Place of birth: Glastonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut Colony (now the State of Connecticut, United States of America)
Mother: Mary Perrin (1710-1791)
Father: David Dickinson (1706-1799)
Spouse: Beriah Loveland (1739-1823)
Twelve children: Mary Dickinson (Unknown-1784), Samuel Dickinson (1760-1804), Jemima Dickinson (1763-1853), Beriah Dickinson (1762-Unknown), David Dickinson (1764-1799), Ruth Dickinson (1764-Unknown), Lydia Dickinson (1769-1788), Esther Dickinson (1770-1845), Jubel Johab Dickinson (1773-Unknown), Sarah Dickinson (1776-Unknown), Elisha Dickinson (1779-1803), Eiljah Dickinson (1782-Unknown).
Date of death: 21 March 1825
Place of death: Hartford County, Connecticut, United States of America
Place of burial:
Thomas Dickinson (1668-1721)
David Dickinson (1706-1799)
Mary Loveland (1665-1743)
David Dickinson (1734-1825)
Maternal Grandfather UNKNOWN
Mary Perrin (1710-1791)
Maternal Grandmother UNKNOWN
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