The de Caen - de Kenson - Dykonson - Dykenson - Dykensonne - Dickensonne - Dickinson Family
G28 Grandfather Rollo (circa 846-circa 931), Viking conqueror of Normandy and great-great-great-grandfather of William the Conqueror
G27 Grandfather Walter
G26 Grandfather Walter?
G25 Grandfather Walter?
G24 Grandfather Walter de Caen Kenson (1195/1196-1237)
G23 Grandfather Johnne Dykonson (1230-1316)
G22 Grandfather William Dykenson (1272-circa 1330)
G21 Grandfather Hugh Dykensonne (circa 1330-1376)
G20 Grandfather Anthoyne Dickensonne (1351-1396)
G19 Grandfather Richard Dickinson (1377-1441)
G18 Grandfather Thomas Dickinson (1403-1475)
G17 Grandfather Hugh Dickinson (1431-1509)
G16 Grandfather William Dickinson (1450-1556)
G15 Grandfather John Dickinson (1477-1544)
G14 Grandfather Richard Dickinson (1520-1560)
G13 Grandfather Thomas Dickinson (1549-1586)
G12 Grandfather William Dickinson (1568-1675)
G11 Grandfather Nathaniel Dickinson (1600/1601-1676)
G10 Grandfather Thomas Dickinson (1636-1712)
G9 Grandfather Thomas Dickinson (1668-1724)
G8 Grandfather David Dickinson (1706-1799)
G7 Grandfather David Dickinson (1734-1825)
G6 Grandmother Jemima Dickinson (1763-1853)
G5 Grandfather Elizur Loveland (1785-1861)
G-G-G-G Grandmother Beriah Loveland (1812-1891)
G-G-G Grandfather Robert Thornburg (1832-1889)
G-G Grandmother Sarah Malinda Thornburg (1866-1938)
Great Grandmother Helen Wommer (1890-1932) [Six children of Helen Wommer: Helene R. Hill, Esther Hill (who took the veil as Sister Jeanne Marie), James Elmer Hill, George Marion Hill, Richard Carrol Hill (my maternal grandfather), and Robert L. Hill.]
Grandfather Richard Carrol Hill
Mother C.A. Hill
Self A.C. Fox (publisher of this site)
Source: To the Descendants of Thomas Dickinson, son of Nathaniel and Anna Gull Dickinson, of Wethersfield, Connecticut, and Hadley, Massachusetts by Frederick Dickinson (Chicago: W.D. Grant, 1897). Courtesy of Also available here.
Nathaniel Dickinson (1600/1601-1676) was a leading personage in colonial New England. Some arguments have been made that his ancestry was, accidentally or purposefully, embellished by Frederick Dickinson. More research needs to be done. (Though, if you are a close relative looking for esteemed ancestry, you will find it in other branches.) Wikipedia has a nice article on Nathaniel Dickinson here. The Dickinson Family Association site is here.
Apart from me, Nathaniel has a few other notable descendants (courtesy of Wikipedia):
Warren Buffett - American billionaire (my tenth cousin, twice removed)
Levi Dickenson - inventor of the broom
John Dean Dickinson - U.S. Senator from New York
Edward Dickinson - American politician from Massachusetts
Emily Dickinson - American poet and writer (my seventh cousin, six times removed)
Amelia Earhart - Pioneer aviation pilot (my ninth cousin, three times removed)
Kate Upton - Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model
Frederick Upton - Founder of the Whirlpool Corporation
Samuel Dickinson - a founder of Amherst College
William Austin Dickinson - American lawyer
Levi Parsons Morton (May 16, 1824-May 16, 1920) - U.S. Representative from New York's 11th district (1879-1881), United States Minister to France (1881-1885), and 31st Governor of New York (1895-1896); 22nd vice president of the United States (Republican, 1889-1893) under Benjamin Harrison (my fifth cousin, seven times removed)
Daniel Oliver Morton (1815-1859) - Mayor of Toledo, Ohio (Democrat, 1849-1850)
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