Jemima Dickinson (1763-1853)
Date of birth: 1763
Place of birth: Saybrook (now Old Saybrook), Middlesex County, Connecticut Colony (now the State of Connecticut, United States of America)
Mother: Beriah Loveland (1739-1823)
Father: David Dickinson (1734-1825)
Spouse: Amos Loveland (1762-after 1801)
Children: Elizur Loveland (1785-1861), Miley Loveland (1787-Unknown), Elizabeth Loveland (1790-1881), Lucina Sina Loveland (1792-Unknown), Amos Loveland (1794-1831), Cynthia Loveland (1799-1815), and David Loveland (1801-1855).
Date of death: August, 1853
Place of death: Mahoning County, Ohio, United States of America
Place of burial: UNKNOWN
David Dickinson (1706-1799)
David Dickinson (1734-1825)
Mary Perrin (1710-1791)
Jemima Dickinson (1763-1853)
Samuel Loveland (1678-1772)
Beriah Loveland (1739-1823)
Lydia Brewer (1702-1775)
Connecticut Colony
Connecticut Colony (Credit: Wikipedia)
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