Nathaniel Dickinson (1601-1676)
Date of birth: May 3, 1601
Place of birth: Ely, Cambridgeshire, England or Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, England
Mother: Sarah Stacy (1570-1629)
Father: William Dickinson (1568-1675)
Spouse: Married Anna Gull (1600-1678) on 16 January 1630
Children: John Dickinson (1624-1676; killed in King Philip's War), Joseph Dickinson (1630-1675; killed in King Philip's War), Thomas Dickinson (1636-1712), Hannah Dickinson (1636-1723), Samuel Dickinson (1638-1711), Sgt. Obadiah Dickinson (1641-1698), Nehemiah Dickinson (1643-1743), Nathaniel Dickinson (1638-1710), Hezekiah Dickinson (1645-1707), Azakiah Dickinson (1648-1675; killed in King Philip's War), Azariah Dickinson (1648-1676), and Frances Dickinson (1650-1676). See also: Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson, Dickinson Family Association, and Wikipedia.
Date of death: 1676
Place of death: Hadley (first settled by the English in 1659; Nathaniel was the first resident), Hampshire County, Massachusetts Bay Colony (now the State of Massachusetts, United States of America)
Place of burial: Old Hadley Cemetery, Hadley, Massachuseets 01035 (Map)
Thomas Dickinson (1549-1586)
William Dickinson (1568-1675)
Judith Carey (1549-1568)
Nathaniel Dickinson (1601-1676)
Robert Stacy (circa 1545-1548-Unknown)
Sarah Stacey (1570-1629)
Maternal Grandmother UNKNOWN
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