Thomas Dickinson (1668-1724)
Date of birth: 17 April 1668
Place of birth: Hatfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts Bay Colony (now the State of Massachusetts, United States of America). Although the city of Hatfield was founded in 1660, eight years before Thomas Dickinson's birth, it was not incorporated as a town until 1670. On October 16, 1675, part of Hatfield was destroyed in King Philip's War, when Thomas Dickinson was seven years old; along with other survivors, Thomas and his family likely sought refuge in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Mother: Hannah Crow (1649-1680)
Father: Thomas Dickinson (1636-1712)
Spouse: Mary Loveland (1665-1743); Mehitable Meekins (1675-Unknown).
Eight children with Mary Loveland: Joseph Dickinson (1694-1762), Charity Dickinson (1699-1781), Joshua Dickinson (1700-1721), Elizabeth Dickinson (1702-1758), Phoebe Dickinson (1704-1778), Mary Dickinson (1704-1722), David Dickinson (1706-1799), and Deborah Dickinson (1708-1787). Three children with Mehitable Meekins: Elizabeth Dickinson, Mehitable Dickinson, and Jemima Dickinson.
Date of death: 1724
Place of death: Hartford County, Connecticut Colony (now the State of Connecticut, United States of America)
Place of burial:
Thomas Dickinson (1636-1712)
Anna Gull (1600-1678)
Thomas Dickinson (1668-1724)
John Crow (1616-1686)
Hannah Crow (1649-1680)
Elizabeth Goodwin (1624-1675)
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