Joanna C. (Fox) Funni, 1887-1969


Joanna (sometimes spelled Johana) Fox was born in Lima, Allen County, Ohio, U.S.A., on October 19, 1887. She was the daughter of Michael Fox (originally Michael Füchs) and Mary Fink, immigrants from Germany. She married Norman K. Funni (1887-1972). The couple had five children:

  1. Marie Funni (1916-2007)
  2. Robert N. Funni (1920-2000)
  3. Dorothy Jean Funni (1922-2009), married Mr. Altenbach
  4. John J. Funni (1924-2006)
  5. Pauline L. Funni (1926-2012), married Mr. Foust

Joanna Funni died on August 26, 1969, in Lima. She is bured in Lima's Gethsemani Cemetery.


The image to the right shows (left to right): Joanna Funni, Amil R. (friend of Anthony), Helen Tracy, Tony, and Edith Fox. This photo was taken in Orlando, Florida, in January of 1953.

"Tony" Fox was Anthony Bernard Fox, Joanna (Fox) Funni's brother. He was the father of Richard Allen Fox, my paternal grandfather.

Paternal Grandfather?
Michael Fox/Fuchs (?-1927)
Paternal Grandmother?
Joanna C. Fox (1887-1969)
Maternal Grandfather?
Mary Fink (?-?)
Maternal Grandmother?