H Family Surnames

John P. Hart (1897-1936)
Margaret Josephine Hart (1907-1909), daughter of Patrick Hart (c. 1859-1925) and Mary Sullivan
Nellie Hart (1867-1933)
Patrick Hart
Patrick J. Hart (c. 1859-1925), husband (1895) of Mary Sullivan (c. 1869-?)
Abraham Adam Hill (1833-1871), husband of Caroline Stiger (1837-1914)
Charles William Hill (194?-1988)
Daniel Hill (1793-1880)
Esther Hill, known as Sister Jeanne Marie Hill (1926-2016)
Grover Allen "Dick" Hill (1888-1970), husband of Helen Wommer (1891-1932)
Helene Ruth Hill (1920-2017), daughter of Helen Wommer (1891-1932) and Grover Allen "Dick" Hill
Ivan Harold Hill (1883-1968), husband of Anna Sommers
James B. Hill (1856-1945), husband of Ella McDonald and Elizabeth Jurgens
Johann Jacob Hill (1756-1815)
John Curtis Hill (1923; lived one month), son of Helen Wommer and Grover Allen "Dick" Hill
John Jacob Hill (1711-1775)
Richard Carrol Hill (1917-1972), husband of Ella Clementine "Clem" Besançon (1921-1995)
Ruthanna Hill (d. 1993), wife of Ross H. McManigell
Sagana Susan Hill (1975-2002)