Sagana Susan Hill (1975-2002)
Date of birth: September 10, 1975
Place of birth: Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio, United States of America
Mother: D. Hart (LIVING)
Father: Charles William "Bill" Hill (1946-1988)
Education and work: Sagana graduated from Libbey High School in Toledo, Ohio, as part of the class of 1993; she was voted "most popular." She later attended classes at Owens Community College in Perrysburg, Ohio. At the time of her death, Sagana worked as a teller at Sky Bank in Toledo, Ohio.
Daughter: K.N. Hiser (born 1993/1994), with B.M. Hiser
Date of death: Sunday, 3 February 2002, age 26 (article in the Blade) (in memoriam dated 3 February 2012)
Place of death: Luna Pier Road, Erie Township, Monroe County, Michigan, United States of America
Place of burial: Ottawa Hills Memorial Park, 4210 Central Avenue, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio 43606, United States of America; Sagana rests next to her father and paternal grandparents.
Near and dear relations, as well as interesting facts:
Sagana left behind a young daughter, K.N. Hiser, as well as three sisters and one brother.
Sagana's great-great grandfather, James B. Hill (1856-1945), invented the Buckeye Steam Traction Ditcher.
Numerous ancestors in Sagana's paternal line came to the United States as part of the Puritan Migration.
Sagana's name (pronounced suh-JAN-uh) was a "feminized" adaptation of the name of her older brother, Sagan. Sagan's name was formed from their parents' astrological signs--Sagittarius and Cancer.
Sagana was one of the descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson, the first person to settle in Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Through this early American pioneer, Nathaniel Dickinson, Sagana was related to numerous leading figures in American history, including the poet Emily Dickinson, 22nd vice president Levi Parsons Morton, Toledo mayor Daniel Oliver Morton, billionaire Warren Buffett, and pilot Amelia Earhart.
Charles William "Bill" Hill (1946-1988)
Sagana Susan Hill (1975-2002)
Maternal Grandfather
D. Hart (LIVING)
Maternal Grandmother
Sagana Susan Hill (1975-2002)
Sagana Susan Hill
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