Beriah Loveland (1812-1891)
Date of birth: 1812
Place of birth: Kent, Portage County, Ohio, United States of America
Mother: Mary UNKNOWN (1784-1827)
Father: Elizur Loveland (1785-1861)
Spouse: William W. Thornburg (1803-1884)
Twelve children: Robert Thornburg (1832-1889), John W. Thornburg (1834-1870), Margaret Ann Thornburg (1836-1869), Ruth Amanda Thornburg (1839-1912), Martha Jane Thornburg (1841-1915), Matilda Thornburg (1841-1932), Elizur J. Thornburg (1844-1916), Wilkey W. Thornburg (1846-1851), Oliva F. Thornburg (1846-1929, Isaac Thornburg (1848-1870), Enos R. Thornburg (1850-1937), and Elmer D. Thornburg (1858-1899).
Date of death: 1891
Place of death: Holmes County, Ohio, United States of America
Place of burial:
She is not to be confused with Beriah Loveland (1739-1823), her great grandmother, mother of Jemima Dickinson (1763-1853).
Amos Loveland (1762-after 1801)
Elizur Loveland (1785-1861)
Jemima Dickinson (1763-1853)
Beriah Loveland (1812-1891)
Maternal Grandfather UNKNOWN
Mary UNKNOWN (1784-1827)
Maternal Grandmother UNKNOWN
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