Clementine Louys (1843-1931)

Clementine Louys Besançon (1843-1931) of Stryker, Ohio, USA

Clementine Louys was the daughter of Jean-Georges Louys and Catherine Bourquin (1808-1863). She had three siblings that I know of:

  1. Pierre Louys, husband of Anne Juillard
  2. Catherine Louys, wife of Peter Guyman
  3. Frédéric "Fritz"/"Fred" Louys (1835-1903) (FYI: He operated the first store in Stryker, Ohio.)

Clementine married Charles Peter Besançon (1835-1918) on September 13, 1862. The couple lived in Stryker, Williams County, Ohio, U.S.A.

Clementine died in Stryker in 1931. She is buried in the French Cemetery along County Road 1950, just outside of Stryker, Ohio. See her tombstone here.

Charles Besançon and Clementine Louys had six children:

  1. Harmon D. Besançon (1863-1940), husband of Marie "Mary" Capdeville (1868-1940)
  2. Alice Besançon (1865-1945), wife of Victor Emmanuel Wickey (1861-1945)
  3. Lydia Besançon (1868-1946), second wife of Oscar S. Tressler (1876-1968)
  4. Paul Napoleon Besançon (1870-1951), husband of Lena Susan Grisier (1890-1968)
  5. Eunice Besançon (1873-1956), wife of Benjamin F. Kniffin, Jr.(1872-1925)
  6. Timothy Besançon (1877-1955), husband of Martha (or Marthe) Emilie Louys (1875-1956)

How far back can we trace the Louÿs surname?

The descendancy chart below illustrates how Clementine Louys descends from her earliest known Louÿs ancestor, Jean Louys.

Jean Louys – Claude Bauderot [GGGGGGGG Grandparents]

Guillaume Louys – Jeanne Roy [GGGGGGG Grandparents]

Guillaume Louys (1570-1638) – Jeanyette Renaud [GGGGGG Grandparents]

Henri Louys (1609-1662) – Esvotte Barthes (1621-1655) [GGGGG Grandparents]

Jean-Rolland Louys (1642 or 1643-1723) – Marguerite de Bermont (1645-1705) [GGGG Grandparents]

Jean Louys (1679-1725) – Catherine Boillot (1675-1750) [GGG Grandparents]

Samuel Louys (1708-1747)– Anne Catherine Juillard [Great-Great Grandparents]

Jean-Georges Louys (1739 or 1742-1775) – Catherine Barbier [Great Grandparents]

Jean-Georges Louys – Catherine Barbier [Grandparents]

Jean-Georges Louys – Catherine Bourquin (1808-1863) [Parents]

Clementine Louys (1843-1931) – Charles Peter Besançon (1835-1918)

FYI: Clementine Louys and Charles Besançon were my great-great grandparents. This makes Jean Louÿs my GGGGGGGGGGGG grandfather (and yours, too, if you're one of my first cousins on my mother's side of the family).

Jean-Georges Louys (?-?)
Jean-Georges Louys (?-?)
Catherine Barbier (?-?)
Clementine Louys (1843-1931)
Maternal Grandfather
Catherine Bourquin (1808-1863)
Maternal Grandmother