Jean-Jacques Louys (1642-1719)


Jean-Jacques Louys was born on 20 October 1642 in Valentigney, Doubs, Franche-Comte, France. He died on 20 September 1719 in Valentigney. He was the son of Henri Louys and Evotte Barthol (or Esvottes Barthes). He had one known brother, Jean-Rolland Louys.

On 12 November 1677, in Valentigney, Jean-Jacques Louys married Marguerite Barbier. Marguerite (who shared the same name with Jean-Jacques's stepmother, and was likely related) was born on 31 January of 1651 or 1652 in Valentigney, and died in Valentigney on 23 November 1699. Jean-Jacques Louys and Marguerite Barbier had two known sons, Daniel and Jean-Georges:

1. Daniel Louys - His date of birth is unknown. In 1704, he married Madeleine Barbier. He died in 1710. His widow remarried in 1721. Daniel and Madeleine had a son, Pierre Louys, who was born in 1708.

2. Jean-Georges Louys - He was born in 1687 and died in 1723. In 1716, he married Cat. Alex. Chenelot (the spelling of her name is uncertain).

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