Jean-Rolland Louys (1643-1723)


Jean-Rolland Louys was born circa 1643 in Valentigney, Doubs, Franche-Comte, France. He was the son of Henri Louys and Evotte Barthol (or Esvottes Barthes). He had one known brother, Jean-Jacques Louys. Jean-Rolland Louys died in 1723.

In 1667, Jean-Rolland Louys married Marguerite de Bermont de Bussurel (1645-1705). The couple had three (known) children:

Pierre Louys (1669-1719)

Jean Louys (1679-1725)

Samuel Louys (1685-1759)

Guillaume Louys (ca. 1570-ca. 1638)
Henri Louys (1609-1662)
Jeanyette Renaud
Jean-Rolland Louys (1643-1723)
Michel Barthol
Evotte Barthol (1621-1655)
Marguerite Beucler