Mary Loveland (1665-1743)
Date of birth: 1665
Place of birth: Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts Bay Colony (now the State of Massachusetts, United States of America)
Mother: Charity Hart (1642-1689)
Father: Thomas Loveland (1640-1642)
Spouses: Ebenezer Hale (1661-1760) and Thomas Dickinson (1668-1724)
Child with Ebenezer Hale: Abigail Hale (1688-1793). Eight children with Thomas Dickinson: Joseph Dickinson (1694-1762), Charity Dickinson (1699-1781), Joshua Dickinson (1700-1721), Phoebe Dickinson (1704-1778), Mary Dickinson (1704-1722), David Dickinson (1706-1799), Deborah Dickinson (1708-1787), and Thomas Dickinson (1716-1721).
Date of death: 1743
Place of death: Glastonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut Colony (now the State of Connecticut, United States of America)
Place of burial:
John Loveland (1600-1649)
Thomas Loveland (1640-1642)
Elizabeth Busfield (1603-1670)
Mary Loveland (1665-1743)
Edmund Hart (1627-1672)
Charity Hart (1642-1689)
Mary Phelps (1620?-1659)
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