François Mettetal (1647-?)


François Mettetal was born on September 5, 1647, in Glay, Doubs, Franche-Comté. His father was Jean Mettetal (1614-?) and his mother was Madeleine Masson (1618-1688).

François Mettetal married Jeanne Vernier (1648-?). The couple had a son, Georges Mettetal (1673-1701).

François Mettetal died, date unknown (but in or after 1673), in Hérimoncourt, Franche-Comté.

The descendancy chart to the right illustrates how François Mettetal was the great grandfather of Jean-Pierre "Pierrot" Peugeot.

Jean Mettetal (1585-?)
Jean Mettetal (1614-?)
Henriette Maillard (1585-1650)
François Mettetal (1647-?)
Maternal Grandfather?
Madeleine Masson (1618-1688)
Maternal Grandmother?