Jean-Pierre "Pierrot" Peugeot (1734-1814)


Jean-Pierre "Pierrot" Peugeot was born on November 1, 1734, in Hérimoncourt, Franche-Comté, France. He was the son of Jean-Jacques Peugeot and Suzanne Catherine Marguerite Mettetal. (Check out the descendancy chart of Jehan Peugeot or look below to see how Pierrot's mother also had Peugeot ancestry.)

"Pierrot" Peugeot worked as a miller, building water-powered mills in the region.

He died on June 16, 1814, in Hérimoncourt, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France.

Jean-Pierre's wife was Marie Elisabeth Jusserand, born in Abbévillers, Franche-Comté, France, in 1744. Marie was the daughter of Pierre Jusserand and Anne Catherine Mettetal. Marie died in 1809.

The children of Jean-Pierre "Pierrot" Peugeot and Marie Elisabeth Jusserand were Jean-Pierre Peugeot (1768-1852), Charles Christophe Peugeot, and Jacques Peugeot.
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