Jehan Peugeot (died in 1562)


Jehan Peugeot's date and location of birth are unknown to me. He died in Vandoncourt, Doubs, Franche-Comté, in 1562.

The name of Jehan Peugeot's wife is also unknown. What is known is that Jehan had a son, Perrin Peugeot (whose details are unknown). Perrin Peugeot married Marguerite Grey, with whom he had two known children: Claude Germain Peugeot and Jeannette Peugeot. It was through Claude Germain Peugeot that the famous manufacturing Peugeot family of today got its surname.

Jehan's descendancy chart provides a terrific example of the intermarrying that occurred in the rural communities of Franche-Comté for most of history, and how the famous Peugeots of today can trace their roots back to Jehan Peugeot along more than one line.

At the top of this chart (FYI: click on it for the PDF file) is Jehan Peugeot. At the bottom, eight generations down, is Jean-Pierre "Pierrot" Peugeot. "Pierrot" received the Peugeot surname from his father, whose ancestry traces the surname back to Jehan Peugeot. But as this chart illustrates, "Pierrot" was equally a Peugeot through his maternal line.

In short, Claude and Jeannette Peugeot were brother and sister, born in the late 1500s. Jeannette Peugeot's great-great-great granddaughter, Suzanne Catherine Marguerite Mettetal, married Jean-Jacques Peugeot in the early 1700s.

The large amount of intermarriage among the families of Franche-Comté is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it makes things easier at times; "Ooh! This is the same 'John Doe'! I already have everything on him!" On the other hand, "Is this the same person? Almost all of the names for several generations line up. But a few dates are off." It can be a real headache figuring out if you've truly found an exact match.

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Jehan Peugeot (?-1562)
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