Joseph Peugeot (?-1651)


The date of Joseph Peugeot's birth is unknown.

Joseph had a brother, François Peugeot (1585-1658). This pair of brothers married a pair of sisters. Joseph married Françoise Devaux (?-1652), while François married Jeanne Devaux (1595-1647). As far as I know, François Peugeot had no children. Joseph Peugeot, however, had at least two sons, François Peugeot and Claude Peugeot (1628-1689); it is through Joseph's son Claude that (as far as I know) those alive today with the Peugeot surname received it.

Joseph Peugeot died on May 28, 1651, in Vandoncourt, Doubs, Franche-Comté.


The descendancy chart to the left lists many of Joseph Peugeot's descendants through the 20th century.

It is impossible to read the small print in the image, I realize. Click here for a PDF you can enlarge. Click here for the orignal Microsoft Word file (if you'd like to edit the document for personal use). Please note that this chart strictly links parents to children. No spouses are listed unless it's to indicate that the Peugeot in question married another Peugeot (very common in Franche-Comté until the 20th century). The chart does not include everyone, but is fairly exhaustive of the older family records. Descendants (other than some of those well-known enough to appear on sites like Wikipedia) born within the last 75 years are not included, for privacy reasons.

As you can see, Joseph Peugeot's descendants include not only the Peugeot manufacturing titans, but men such as Jean de Brunhoff (1899-1937), writer and illustrator of the Babar books, and his brother Michel de Brunhoff (1892-1958), editor of French Vogue from 1929 to 1954.

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Joseph Peugeot (?-1651)
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