Mary Phelps (1620?-1659)
Date of birth: 1620 (?)
Place of birth: Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay Colony (now the State of Massachusetts, United States of America. Dorchester is now a neighborhood of Boston.
Mother: Possibly Ann Dover
Father: Possibly William Phelps (circa 1593-1672)
Spouse: Edmund Hart (1627-1672)
Seven children: Elizabeth Hart (1638-1738), Martha Hart (1644-1698), Charity Hart (1642-1689), Mary Hart (1650-Unknown), Experience Hart (1653-Unknown), Sarah Hart (1661-1692), and Elisha Hart (1645-1683).
Date of death: 1659
Place of death: Wessagusset Colony (also known as the Weston Colony or Weymouth Colony) in what is now Massachusetts, United States of America. (The ill-conceived, disastrous Wessagusset Colony was absorbed into the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630.)
Place of burial:
Mary's origins are obscure. Her date and place of birth are listed in family records as Dorchester in 1620, a full ten years before Puritans arrived and settled the site. Her possible father, the Puritan William Phelps of Crewkerne, England, did not found Dorchester until May, 1630, when the Mary and John landed. William Phelps and Ann Dover had three daughters named Mary (although the couple did not marry until 1626, six years after Mary's reported birth). It is possible, if Mary Phelps was the daughter of William Phelps and Ann Dover, that she was born in England circa 1627, and sailed to Massachusetts Bay Colony as a toddler.
Paternal Grandfather UNKNOWN
Possibly William Phelps (circa 1593-1672)
Paternal Grandmother UNKNOWN
Mary Phelps (1620?-1659)
Maternal Grandfather UNKNOWN
Possibly Ann Dover
Maternal Grandmother UNKNOWN
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