Jeremiah Rockwell (1758-1852)
Date of birth: 1758
Place of birth: Massachusetts Colony (now the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, United States of America)
Mother: Hannah Scott (1731-1825)
Father: John Rockwell (17??-1825)
Spouses: Anna Stearns (1756-1801), Lucy Eaton (1770-1833), and Abiliene Stearns Smith (1780-1861).
Eight children with Anna Stearns: Silas Rockwell (1780-1818), Jeremiah H. Rockwell (1781-1859), Anna Landora Rockwell (1783-1801), Chester Taylor Rockwell (1785-1801), Daniel Rockwell (1787-1847), Nancy Rockwell (1790-1872), Calvin Rockwell (1801-1863), and Cynthia Rockwell (1801-Unknown). Three children with Lucy Eaton: Eliphal Rockwell (1804-Unknown), Lucy Rockwell (1805-Unknown), and Reuben Rockwell (1808-1879). Three children with Abiliene Stearns Smith: Cyrus Sylvester Rockwell (1835-1904), Abilene Elizabeth Rockwell (1841-Unknown), and Victoria Rockwell (1841-1904).
Date of death: 1852
Place of death: Bangor, Franklin County, New York, United States of America
Place of burial: UNKNOWN
John Rockwell (1707-1774)
John Rockwell (17??-1825)
Elizabeth Keeler (1708-1760)
Jeremiah Rockwell (1758-1852)
James Scott (1697-1742)
Hannah Scott (1731-1825)
Hannah Hyatt (1701-1800)
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