John Rockwell (1558-1636)
Date of birth: 1558
Place of birth: England. (John Rockwell was most likely born in or near Fitzhead, Sommerset, England, where his father, William Rockwell, died in 1577.)
Mother: Mary Marion Wyke (Unknown-1598)
Father: William Rockwell (1525-1577)
Spouse: Honor Newton (1565-1637)
Children: William Rockwell (1584-1640), John Rockwell (1588-1662), Jane Rockwell (1599-1653), Richard Rockwell (1600-1638), and Roger Rockwell (1600-1932).
Date of death: 1636
Place of death: England
Place of burial: England
John Rockwell's unnamed paternal grandfather is said to have been born at Rockwell Hall in Boroughbridge, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England, though I cannot locate such a place. The mystery may one day be solved by reading Donald Shumway Rockwell's Eleven Centuries of the Remote Ancestry of the Rockwell Family (Berkeley, California: The Gillick Press, 1914), through which "the Rockwell family comes into posession of a priceless heritage, a noble lineage of the royal blood of England and France, brave heroes of many a hard-won battle which more than once turned the tide of history." (A paper copy can be purchased via Amazon.)
UNKNOWN Rockwell (Unknown-Unknown)
William Rockwell (1525-1577)
Paternal Grandmother UNKNOWN
John Rockwell (1558-1636)
Maternal Grandfather UNKNOWN
Mary Marion Wyke (Unknown-1598)
Maternal Grandmother UNKNOWN
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