John Rockwell (1588-1662)
Date of birth: 1588
Place of birth: Family records list Shipstead, England, as John Rockwell's place of birth. This may refer to Shepshed, Leicestershire, England (which seems rather unlikely, as it is quite far north of Fitzhead, Somerset, England, where his son--also named John Rockwell--was born), or it could be a town lost to history, or it could simply be a misspelling of the name of some other town or village.
Mother: Honor Newton (1565-1637)
Father: John Rockwell (1558-1636)
Spouse: Wilmot Cade (1591-1662)
Children: Mary Rockwell (1608-1684), John Rockwell (1614-1673), Nathaniel Rockwell (1620-1656), Thomas Rockwell (1622-1656), Simon Rockwell (1623-1665), and Hannah Rockwell (1627-1665).
Date of death: 1662
Place of death: Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut Colony (now the State of Connecticut, United States of America)
Place of burial: UNKNOWN
John Rockwell's maternal grandfather, Lawrence Newton (1519-1593), is recorded as being born at Fulshaw Manor, Wilmslow, Cheshire, England. However, the only similarly named residence in this area is Fulshaw Hall, which was not built until 1684. If anyone has information on Fulshaw Manor, please contact me at the email address to the left.
William Rockwell (1525-1577)
John Rockwell (1558-1636)
Mary Marion Wyke (Unknown-1598)
John Rockwell (1588-1662)
Lawrence Newton (1519-1593)
Honor Newton (1565-1637)
Peland UNKNOWN (1520-Unknown)
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