John Rockwell (1614-1673)
Date of birth: 1614
Place of birth: Fitzhead, Somerset, England
Mother: Wilmot Cade (1591-1662)
Father: John Rockwell (1588-1662)
Spouse: Elizabeth Weed (1647?-1676?)
Children: Hannah Rockwell (1655-1674), Mehitable Rockwell (1658-1738), Jonathan Rockwell (1683-1731), Thomas Rockwell (1678-1714), and Joseph Rockwell (1620?-1712).
Date of death: 1673?
Place of death: Province of New York
Place of burial: UNKNOWN
John Rockwell immigrated to Connecticut Colony with his parents, John and Wilmot Rockwell, in the early seventeenth century. Family records list his place of death as New York. It is unknown why he would have relocated to the Province of New York, which came under English control in 1664 after it was surrendered by the Dutch. More than likely, he died in what is now Connecticut, but what was then part of the Province of New York (1664–1776), a British crown colony that originally included all of the present U.S. states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Vermont, along with inland portions of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine, as well as eastern Pennsylvania.
John Rockwell (1558-1636)
John Rockwell (1588-1662)
Honor Newton (1565-1637)
John Rockwell (1614-1673)
Christopher Cade (1571-1687)
Wilmot Cade (1591-1662)
Agnes Tucker (1556-1571)
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