John Rockwell (1707-1774)
Date of birth: April, 1707
Place of birth: Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut Colony (now the State of Connecticut, United States of America)
Mother: Abigail Canfield (1665-1734)
Father: Jonathan Rockwell (1683-1731)
Spouse: Elizabeth Keeler (1708-1760)
Ten children: John Rockwell (17??-1825), Mehitabel Rockwell (1731-1761), Elizabeth Rockwell (1732-1798), Daniel Rockwell (1735-1795), Rachel Rockwell (1737-1825), Silas Rockwell (1742-1760), Elijah Rockwell (1745-1820), Sarah Rockwell (1747-1832), Abraham Rockwell (1749-1816), and Eleanor Rockwell (1751-1838).
Date of death: 4 July 1774
Place of death: Family records state that John Rockwell died in Ridgebury, a city in New York, but this is most likely a typo, and he actually died in Ridgefield, Fairfield County, Connecticut Colony (where he lived).
Place of burial: UNKNOWN
John Rockwell (1614-1673)
Jonathan Rockwell (1683-1731)
Elizabeth Weed (1647-1676)
John Rockwell (1707-1774)
Samuel Canfield (1645-1712)
Abigail Canfield (1665-1734)
Elizabeth Willoughby (1645-1711)
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