John Rockwell (17??-1825)
Date of birth: One family record lists John Rockwell's year of birth as 1714, but this is impossible as his father was born in 1707, and unlikely as he lived to 1825. A calculated guess is that John Rockwell was born around 1735.
Place of birth: Ridgefield, Fairfield County, Connecticut Colony (now the State of Connecticut, United States of America)
Mother: Elizabeth Keeler (1708-1760)
Father: John Rockwell (1707-1774)
Spouses: Hannah Scott (1731-1825) and Sally W. Rice (1738-Unknown).
Twelve children with Hannah Scott: Jeremiah Rockwell (1758-1852), James Rockwell (1758-1833), Timothy Rockwell (1760-1825), Rachel Rockwell (1761-1762), Samuel Rockwell (1761-1849), Hannah Rockwell (1763-1782), Hannah Rockwell (1766-1844), Betsy Rockwell (1765-1848), Sally Rockwell (1770-Unknown), John Rockwell (1770-1825), Reuben Rockwell (1773-1807), and Mehetabel Rockwell (1775-1847). Two children with Sally W. Rice: Lucina Rockwell (1779-Unknown) and Earl Rockwell (1780-Unknown).
Date of death: 1825
Place of death: Vermont, United States of America
Place of burial: UNKNOWN
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John Rockwell (1707-1774)
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John Rockwell (17??-1825)
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Elizabeth Keeler (1708-1760)
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