Caroline Stiger (1837-1914)


Caroline Stiger was born on 2 August 1837, to Joseph Peter Stiger (1812-1888) and Sarah Faust (1815-1867). She married Abraham Adam Hill (1833-1871), with whom she had ten children. She died in Benton Township, Eaton County, Michigan, U.S.A., on 2 January 1914. She was an active participant in the annual Stiger Family Reunion, held in Fremont, Ohio.


Alvira Jane Hill
Amos Hill
Anna Elizabeth Hill
Clarence Hill
Clarinda Hill
Daniel Hill
David "Dave" Hill
Francis Hill
James B. Hill (1856-1945)
John Hill


Lela (née Stiger) Rowe was the niece of Caroline Stiger (my great-great-great grandmother). Mrs. Rowe repeated to me, in December of 1999, a story told to her by her late aunt. One night while Caroline's husband, Abraham Adam Hill, was out felling trees, Caroline was alone with their children in a cabin located in the woods near Traverse City, Michigan. (This would have been in or before 1870.) Hearing Native Americans outside, Caroline grew alarmed. Seeing one attempt to climb in through an opening at the bottom of the cabin door, Caroline quickly dispatched him with an ax. I'm not sure what this story says about relations between Native Americans and white pioneers, but I can't resist relating how my otherwise lovely great-great-great grandmother was technically an ax murderer.

Incidentally, according to Mrs. Rowe, Caroline Stiger was also quite plump and snuggly, and cooked a lot of food.

Paternal Grandfather?
Joseph Peter Stiger (1812-1888)
Paternal Grandmother?
Caroline Stiger (1837-1914)
Maternal Grandfather?
Sarah Faust (1815-1867)
Maternal Grandmother?
Caroline Stiger >> James B. Hill >> Grover A. "Dick" Hill >> Richard Carrol Hill (Grandfather of A. Fox)