Esther Wommer (1907-1986)
Date of birth: 1907
Place of birth: North Baltimore, Wood County, Ohio, United States of America
Mother: Sarah Malinda Thornburg (1866-1938)
Father: William Wommer (1858-1914)
Spouse: Ray Sadler
Children: Esther had at least one child, a son, with her husband, Ray Sadler, named Ronald Sadler.
Date of death: 1986
Place of death:
Place of burial:

Note from A. Fox: Esther was the sister of Helen Genette Hill née Wommer, who was the mother of Richard C. Hill, my maternal grandfather. This made her my mother's great aunt, and my great-great aunt. Esther was a ballerina who lived in New York, New York. In the mid-1980s, she decided to move to a retirement community in her hometown of North Baltimore, Wood County, Ohio. For a brief time during her move, she stayed with my family and shared my bedroom with me. Esther had undergone a mastectomy, and both shocked and fascinated me when she showed me the insert she used in her bra (I was around ten or eleven years old at the time). Once Esther was settled in her retirement home, we visited her fairly regularly. Unfortunately, years of living in New York did not prepare her for the culture shock of life back in North Baltimore (population 3,494 in 2013), where no one remained of her friends and family.

??? Wommer (or Woomer)
William Wommer (1858-1914)
Esther Sadler née Wommer (1907-1986)
Robert Thornburg (1832-1889)
Sarah Malinda Wommer née Thornburg (1866-1938)
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