Welcome! At long last, I've created a site to host the family history records I have collected. With any luck, I'll have everything uploaded by 2100 C.E.

The column to the left lists each ancestor by surname (last name). For example, if you're looking for James B. Hill, you'd look under "H as in Hill." Besancons are under B, as are Bourquins, Barbiers, Bunos, etc.

I am creating pages only for the deceased. This is done in order to protect the privacy of the living. If you would like to create a page for yourself or your family, simply let me know. If you'd like to contribute information, likewise let me know.

If you're a close relative of mine, you may want to jump to pages like these:

Paul Napoleon Besancon (1870-1951)

James B. Hill (1856-1945)

Guillaume Louys (1570-1638)

Charles Peter Besancon (1835-1918)

I try to create a miniature family tree for each individual, with links to the person's parents and grandparents, if possible.
Paternal Grandfather
Paternal Grandmother
Maternal Grandfather
Maternal Grandmother

Sites to Check Out: Berks County Genealogical Society - Godfrey Memorial Library - Ohio Genealogical Society